Friday, November 26, 2010

Adela in my version xD

So ...  i just met her in blog . Her name is Adela :D
Kitorg agree nak trade doodle kitorg .So here the result ! :B

i'm so sorry for the colorful braces . I JUST CAN'T HELP IT ! xD

She doodled meh :P and i like to playing guitar but idk how to play xD
anyway , thanks alot! :D

tadaaa ~ 


  1. Hahahahhahaahha mana top merah! But thnks he he comel braces I ye :DDDDD

  2. AH! LUPA ! XD
    haha , baju sekolah jepun je lah <3
    haha . pakai braces right ? ngehee

  3. Haha okok, cool jugak haha eh mana tau oh. Idk nk draw u ape so guitar mcm okay je kn haha

  4. haha . errr , from your defult picture guess ? xD
    i tak reti main guitar :P but it awesome . thanks again :'D

  5. I see, haha gambar sengal tu. Idk what to draw so I thought a guitar would be just nice for a guy lh kot ha ha. I suka merah kot!

  6. HAHAHA XD sorry again :O
    terrr lupa~